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 Water ... Now - Wind Graffiti
水相 - 風之塗鴉  

Human civilizations all emerged along rivers. Today’s world is challenged by ecological crises precipitated by the greenhouse effect, super typhoons, glacial melting, and extreme climates, which are in turn likely brought about by human activities since the industrial revolution. In the face of such imminent threats, do people really care, and do they really understand?  Wind Grafitti, Scenery in the Rain, Breezes and Waves recorded various water appearances in the changing weather, and I pray that future deluges do not bring about too much misery through the beautiful scenery of the wind and tide.

Wind Grafitti is attempting to enter a deeper spiritual level and inner sustenance, in between the Eastern oriental landscape ink drawings and the Western landscape paintings, reconstructing the dialogue between the naturalized spirit of the East and the rational thoughts of the West and bringing some new possibilities to the contemporary photography art.  In the sense of visual expression and the photographic language, John Fung has his unique discovery of nature.  Each photograph contains its individual uniqueness by associating the imagination between nature and emotion, reflecting the truth but illusory images from an inner heart. The reflection between the guided imagery and the mental imagery constitutes a poetic atmosphere of "seeing the mountain not as a mountain, seeing water, not as water" which created a calm space and environmental differences in this turbulent city. 


《風之塗鴉》試圖進入更深的的精神層次與寄託,在中國傳統山水畫與西方的風景畫之間,重新建構東方的自然化精神與西方理性思想之間的對話,給當代攝影藝術帶來一些新的可能性。John Fung 在感受以及攝影語言的視覺表現,有著對自然的獨特發現,每幅作品都有獨特的個體呈現,借由聯想將自然與情感連系,從水中的倒影照出心中似像非像的反照,在意象與意象之間構成見山不是山,見水不是水的詩意氣氛,在這個擾動的城市中呈現空間及環境差異的平靜。

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