“Water...Now” is a continuation of John's earlier series “One Square Foot”. That was an attempt to make people see their bricks-and-mortar surroundings anew, to make them aware of Hong Kong’s towering buildings that they pass by without a second glance. "Water...Now" series also aims to draw people into contemplating a substantial part of their surroundings which again is so often ignored.


There are three reasons behind the creation of the "Water...Now" series:


  1. The ecological crisis that the earth is facing such as the global warming phenomenon, the melting of polar ice and nuclear disasters.

  2. The inspiration from a poem line: “elusive like the moon mirrored by the lake and smoky clouds.” Looking around, no matter anywhere you are, people held their heads low, touching screens of phones, being addicted to games and people from the virtual world. As these habits continue on, people will become disconnected with people they are living with, and become indifferent to the real world.

  3. The phenomenon we see in the real world is not realistic, but simply an instance in the time and space that shortly exists.


John would like to give blessings through these works. It might be the final reason for making it!



Photography is a way to reflect reality,

It could also be a way to raise doubts about it.



"Water...Now" reflects John’s doubts about the reality, through questioning the nature and the way of image making. The works are produced without any digital retouch, yet they give a look of digital manipulation. Is photography a way to capture reality? It could well be a way to capture and transform reality at the same time. This transformed reality, in turn, tells us the possibility of a non-reality. We could view this as a way of space creation, by photography the artist creates unseen reflections of reality, and these reflections could one day become our reality, as these images could influence the way we think. Reality could be generated, and it is always changing. Yet, do images reflect the truth while it generates reality? In the "Water...Now" series, the artist tries to answer by the image and the moment he captured with his camera.

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