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Water ... Now - The Poem of God's Particles
水相 - 上帝粒子之詩

Water . . . Now—The Poem of God’s Particles is about a particle without mass(!) The square frame of a photograph has a geometric orderliness that is cool and pure. The closely packed shapes create an organic texture, which stretches and shifts endlessly; one almost feels in them the hot and cold of emotions. The seemingly monochromatic grey actually embodies changes in shades, calling to mind the inner spirituality of the natural world. Such inner substance has no basis in matter; like thoughts, it cannot be fully communicated with words. It is the never-ending energy of physical interaction, which has existed in the universe from the beginning: continuous, perpetual, and gradually transforming how people think of things in everyday living. For people’s thinking changes imperceptibly from thought to thought. What thought you have at this moment determines your action hence. Creating is a process that begins with thinking, and the first moment determines the following action and composition. When people change their outlook and attitude, the world becomes alterable as well.


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