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One Square Foot


I keep thinking…

I keep seeing people hurrying…

What kind of living are they making?

So hurried, harried, rushed, blind, so busy…


From the Tower of Babel, We might see progress Then we might see

The world reversing, collapsing

Into an abyss


To pay an unthinkable price tag We give up our bodies, our souls

We give ideas – they wither

We bury our youth – gone to cold, corporate rooms

We sigh as we call our square hole home

But why don't we call ourselves slaves?

How many years pays for the cave, the cubic city home we live in?

And all the while, the giant abacus clicks

It clanks


Incessant Incessant Incessant

Have we built or have we destroyed? Global warming


Thinking, a huge unsifted pile of memories Memories, dusty mirrors that cannot see The flowers in the mirror!

The moon in water!


If my incoherent murmur

Resonates in you

Please understand

I make these images in a most normal way

And I write these words with goodwill


I bless life!

I bless this moment!

I am thinking of you

I am thinking of me