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The Fables of Modernization Life

The Fables of Modernization Life are montages of scenes I have experienced at various points in time, as if they were representations of human history and evolution. These moments of nature and human structures juxtaposed together are my responses to the changes in certain locales as experienced by me. To put them in an array is to put forth a creative process of thought sharing. Who knows? Perhaps they may yet offer up a certain poetry of tenderness to a generation dominated by greed.

《現代生活寓言》就是將我眼前某時某刻的經歷拼綴起來,將我生命中不同的瞬間結合在一起,就像人類歷史和自然進化一樣。這經歷和瞬間中的自然與人類建設,是時間上的某個地方,是一種現實,也是我的想法 —— 是對一處地方的變化的觸動。把它們湊在一處,依次檢視,就成了一種共享思想的創造。且也許,這些作品會給人性貪婪的世代,留下一種溫柔的詩意。

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