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In the process of evolution, humans have had to face numerous problems and anxieties originating in the social system, until such pains have become a considerable part of human existence. I am interested in finding out why, and led to the questions: why do people suffer? What is the root of suffering? Where does the pressure of living come from? And why do we have to endure this pain?  It is something that humans cannot avoid. From not knowing pain in the beginning, to feeling and enduring it, and finally to finding where its root lies, I have been pondering the relationship between humans and nature throughout the process. I want to awaken people with my photography to the need to reconnect with nature.

Perhaps my photography may yet offer up a certain poetry of tenderness to a generation dominated by greed.

人類在進化過程的不同階段,日積月累的社會問題及制度問題之類,痛苦,佔了很多的份量。 我好奇箇中原因,不斷自問及產生了疑問:人為何痛苦? 痛苦的根源是甚麼?生活和生存的壓力從何而來? 為何一直都處於這種痛苦之中?



"I was often portrayed as an unruly artist when I was young.  I have always been deeply concerned about the human condition and its connection with nature.  Suffering, whether human or natural, touches me.  Unswervingly loyal to my soul, my photographs flash for catching authenticity which becomes more intense over time.  My works go beyond the physicality of the subjects, sublimate to the infinity beyond imagination, and provides a tender poetic flavour for awakening."

我小時候經常被描繪成一個不守規矩的藝術家。 我一直深切關注人類狀況及其與自然的聯繫。 痛苦,無論是人為的還是自然的,都會觸動我。 堅定不移地忠於我的靈魂,我的照片閃爍以捕捉隨著時間的推移變得更加強烈的真實性。 我的作品超越了主體的物理性,昇華到了超乎想像的無限,為覺醒提供了一種溫柔的詩意。

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