Awakening by John Fung

2020 Spring, 黃源順, # Magazine P

乘涼之本能 / 大樹下

2018 Spring,  Peter Wong, #29 Magazine P


見天地 見自己

2017 Autumn,  Peter Wong, #27 Magazine P



2017/08, 盧偉力,香港視覺藝術年鑑 2016,中文大學出版社





拍攝到空氣的馮建中 溫柔其實有多重

2016/7/14, 張炳玲, 明報副刊



2013/01/09, RTHK, 好想藝術_看不完


文潔華:「在場」的攝影師 ( 「朝聞道,夕死可矣」 )

2013/05/28, 信報


人造訪問幻想曲 (三):事物的核心

2012/04, MCCM Bookshop, Artslink



2012/01/30, 潘國靈, 頭條日報


都市漫遊者:社會紀實攝影 (City Flâneur: Social Documentary Photography)

2011/03/08, Gerard HENRY,Paroles 《東西譚》 September- October 2010


zen and the city: the photography of john fung by benny chia

2011/02/27, by Benny Chia, Director of the Fringe Club, Asian Cultural Council


林正尉:評 《台北野人都市》

2010/11/06, 林正尉



2010/10/20,  林怡秀, 今藝術&投資 / 217


林正尉:評 《樓花-幻影 — 馮建中當代影像展》

2010/09/28, 林正尉







2010/06/29,Teresa Ho, 獨立媒體



2010/05, 梁寶山,《當代藝術與投資》 Issue#41

紙皮力量: 野人生存美學

2010/04, 俞若玫, 明報


Hong Kong artists showcased for the first time at Sotheby's Asian art sale 2009

2009/04/13, Art Radar






2009/07/19, 明報





When Much More Than Three Books Meet – Serendipity, Possibility

2008/11/11, by Yang YEUNG, First published in Singapore Architect Issue 248, 2008



John Fung's Hong Kong Babel

2008,  LO Yinshan, 盧燕珊, Originally published in the photographic book “One Square Foot” 



Beyond portrayal

2008,  Alvin YIP 葉長安,  Originally published in the photographic book “One Square Foot” 



A necessary storm

2008,  Madeleine Marie SLAVICK, 思樂維,  Originally published in the photographic book “One Square Foot” 



Repeat: 1968/ 2001/ 2006

2008,  John BATTEN,  Originally published in the photographic book “One Square Foot” 



John Fung's smiles, defiance and care for humanity

2008,  Su Hei, 素黑,  Originally published in the photographic book “One Square Foot” 


JohnFung - 鄧達智

2006年09月20, 鄧達智, 蘋果日報果籽名采





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